When any App is made for SohShul or its affiliated and/or partnered software, you will be able to download directly from SohShul without relying on the need for the "apple iStore" or "google play store" download center... for Apple IOS (due to their over zealous control of distribution) this may mean that it wont be a "apple verified" or "apple approved" app plug in, and may require your Apple product to use the typical and standard "jailbreak" concepts widely used for by those wishing to not be dependant upon Apple approving their existence. This means you as individuals will have to decide whether the convenience of an app, and your right to choose.. is more imporant than being validated by a company like apple, who views you as the product to become enriched by. As we believe in the rights of people to choose, we leave this up to you. And we will do what we can to assist that choice by making it available once its created. 

till then.. be well