The GLOBAL DIFFERENCE GROUP (GDG) is a private corporation, which operates in a socially responsible framework, geared towards charitable and philanthropic directions. Although legally structured as a traditional corporation, it will operate as a non profit corporation in its daily functions. The goal(s) of the GDG are to create initiatives as business models, that either tackle problematic imbalances or enhance the quality of life for humanity as a whole. Be it through small focused, and/ regional based initiatives - or - national/international concepts and initiatives, that bring about positive tangible peaceful direction, that is accessible to people everywhere, without borders of inclusion such as color, religion, age, education, economics and so forth. (To be clarified further)  The overall mission is to build and create a multi national globalized network of business initiatives that are people first vs exclusively profit driven. We believe that, although capitalism is the greatest tool in the history of man to raise people out of poverty, that it can, and has been a contributing factor in many abuses across the planet when left unchecked and when humanity has been removed from its daily operations. Its our goal to lead by example, to include people from everywhere, to utilize the strengths of the capitalist toolset to enrich the masses vs the individual.  We look forward to future growth, and launching new and exciting initiatives. We look forward to adding to our group, bith solutions, and the people who assist them. And most of all, we look forward to reshaping our future in a way we can be proud of!