A more indepth TOS (Terms of Service) will come soon. For now, for expediency and efficiency, we will keep it simple.

(This temp TOS has been inspired by one of the current members. Here ya go M.T. , hope this suffices for now) 


1) You are here of your own volition, and agree to "hold harmless", SohShul, and both its creators as well as its members... harmless from the potential of any feelings of offended sensibilities as may be caused. If you get chapped, invest in therapy and/or vasoline :)

2) We believe in the 1st Amendment, not just for Americans, but for all people the world over!

"1st amendment - as stated : (that congress - or in this case, the site...or anyone) make no laws (rules) respecting an establishnent of religion or prohibiting its free excercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

-and lastly-

3) You have the "RIGHT" to be an asshat or douchebag, but if you choose such direction, you have the "RIGHT" (as others do) to reap the consequences of such a choice --- Alternatively, you have the right to be a good person, a productive and positive member, and interact as an adult. This too has consequences, typically ones that are more agreeable for most. 

​​​​​​Remember folks! Friends...dont let friends text drunk!  "SohShul Responsibly!


NOTE: To clarify, there is an important distinction between "registered users" ( not actual recognized accounts, afforded the rights of the platforms free speech protections) and actual membership classes (any specific membership OTHER than registered user) which are, under the terms, conditions and direction of SohShul, considered members, which benefit from the free speech protections afforded to their membership, as reflected by clause 2 of the T.O.S. terms and conditions. 


(These Terms of service can, and will be updated at the discretion of the site and its administrators)